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The term augmented reality can also be hidden under the letters AR - Augmented reality. This technology can significantly expand the scope of the data perceived by man. This expansion of consciousness achieved through the transfer to the real world of digital information. The process of forming the augmented reality is due to the smartphone camera, webcam or other device that can handle video signal. A special program will complement the picture required virtual objects. As elements of AR-technology may make the video and audio materials, 3D-model, as well as the text content.

The main difference between augmented reality and virtual analog is the ratio of the information received from the real world and computer processed. Virtual reality is trying to fully absorb the real world and augmented only enhances understanding of the processes occurring in it.

Examples of the use of augmented reality (AR).

Augmented Reality Glasses Google Glass.

If you are interested in gadgets, you probably heard about Google tech novelty company. This is an augmented reality glasses Google Glass, which operate on the basis of the vocal and gestural user commands. It is expected that these points can be one of the first devices that offer a wide range of consumer use of AR-technology. Already we can name the areas where tech goggles have found their niche.

For example, Hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, located in the Spanish Abbey. The building was constructed in 1146 and is a unique architectural monument. The hotel has bought 8 pairs of glasses Google Glass, which are used for interactive tours of the hotel and surrounding area. In addition to the 3D-Tours user can obtain the necessary information about the spa and the menu at a local restaurant. Points from Google are already helping to buy on Ebay, it is enough to set the RedLaser app and just look at the barcode of the product.

Augmented reality helmet Skully AR-1

The principle of augmented reality and laid in a new tech helmet for motorcyclists. The helmet used augmented reality system that displays navigation data on an integrated display. This product allows you to make interactive route motorcyclist movement.

AR-1 helmet provides a 180-degree panorama of what is happening in the background road, this option is achieved through the built-in camera in the back of the helmet. In addition to working with GPS-navigation and a panoramic view of the helmet will allow access to the network and listen to music from your smartphone.

Augmented Reality Glasses SpaceGlasses META.01

Also today actively developing augmented reality glasses SpaceGlasses META.01, which should bypass the Google Glass. This gadget is equipped with infrared cameras to detect motion. Visually assess the work of the gadget can be due to the video below:

Augmented reality in the field of consumer

Scope AR-technology is not limited to gadgets. For example, augmented reality is used in advertising. In 2008, as part of the auto show in LA Nissan unveiled its new Cube concept car with the help of interactive booklets. If the user podneset this brochure to the camera, you will be able to learn about the latest in 3D-format.

Actual use of augmented reality in the field of education and entertainment. The technology can be used for the implementation of virtual exhibitions in museums, its ability to be used in games for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

The developers have noted the prospects of cooperation AR and navigation tools. For example, integrated in glasses screens can in real time display itinerary. Such technology is actively used by pilots of military aircraft, for example, F-35 Lightning I.

Applications with augmented reality

Augmented Reality technology allows you to create efficient applications for mobile devices.

visualization of 3D objects Application Augment

These programs can be noted Augment - application for smartphones based on iOS and Android, which allows to visualize 3D-models in augmented reality. Visualization occurs within the real-time object within the full scale. Augment lets you expand your sales volumes, significantly improve the visualization of different prints. Application description on the Google Play Store

Layer Reality Browser more

Also it is necessary to allocate Layar app - one of the most advanced and high-quality browser-based AR technologies. With the help of a smartphone camera or other gadget, the application is able to apply different "layers" that allow to navigate the terrain. Layar will help determine the nearest stop, metro station, or shop. The program with the camera will show the user the desired place, also have the opportunity to lead the way on a virtual map.

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