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fallout 4

Bethesda Games are always special. They can blame a thousand different things, though each time - almost the same, but it never really mattered. This studio does what no one else does so. Their games - not even a game, and the worlds in which you can get stuck in the hundreds of hours just walking, gazing around, collecting grass and reading books about the lustful Argonian Maid.

And because Fallout 4 was very difficult not to wait. It was easy to doubt this is true. But, once having appeared in the post-nuclear wasteland, very few people will want to come back.

In general, now we're going to Boston.

Dropped bombs

With the Institute - the invisible organization established on the remains of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), - we have already had to face, though not directly. In Fallout 3, it has been associated with a good side quest, and the ruling New Vegas Mr. House before the nuclear war he studied as time at MIT.

Now, when we found ourselves in the middle of the destroyed Commonwealth of Massachusetts (or Commonwealth), the Institute was in the heart. rumor walks are local, though the Institute of kidnapped people and replaces them with synths - indistinguishable copies of robots like the Cylons from the "Battlestar" Galactica, "" or replicants of "Blade Runner."

Topic synthetic life raised in science fiction and even thousands of times as much time raise, but in this case it is interesting that by asking all the questions, Fallout 4 does not make any conclusions myself. Someone refers to Cynthia as a tool, someone - as a crime against humanity and science, someone - as people, as someone just hysterically afraid of them. There are different points of view, and you can accept or not accept at all.

Against this background, very useful that there is no more karma points, which gives or takes away for the "good" and "evil" solutions. In Fallout 3, the writers seem to have got wrong this system, and the fork is often boiled down to a choice between the way pandemonium villain or luminous nerds - simply because it is so necessary. In New Vegas, all blurred morality, and meaning in "good" and "evil" glasses were smaller, but they still continued to drip.

fallout 4

Now, karma has disappeared, and with it, and imposed ideas about what is right and what is not. And that's just fine.

the first since the time of the plot in Morrowind Bethesda inscribed in the open world, instead of hanging separately from it. Only this much less respect to the first half of the game, because it begins with a linear walk. Are you waking up in the shelter after two hundred years of cryogenic sleep, walk in the footsteps of his son - as once sought his father in Fallout 3 - and these first ten, twenty, maybe thirty hours can be very frustrating.

After a crazy freedom New Vegas you find yourself forced to move from one control point to another, making their way through the maze of dungeons, and solving rather prosaic, by the standards of the Wasteland, problems. One way or the other a little bit. Distracted by side, you can order, but somehow not quite logical in the context of the story. After all, the only thing that moves the Vault Dweller - the desire as quickly as possible to find her son, and then suddenly he throws, and accepted, for example, to build the village with the Minutemen. And then again go look for her son. Crank.

In fact, the story of the son - is a little awkward occasion to show how the world works. You visit the main attractions, get to know people from acting on the Massachusetts ruins organizations and more Fallout 4 suddenly remembers that before she did was almost a great New Vegas, and finally provides you himself.

After a turning point game lets you loose. You are four factions with their own rules and their truth in each, and offers to deal with them as you please. The motives of the parties simply nowhere - a question, rather, in whose manner of doing business closer to you. You start to make decisions to maneuver between the uncomfortable options longer trying to maintain good relations with each faction, to find out the rules of the game and in the midst of foreign affairs carried out in your own life, the best plan.

And that's when freedom prevails. Side stories finally organically embedded in your deeds, because the immediate problems are over. Close Topic opposition organizations you are free at any time: you can, for example, to kill the head of the faction even in the midst of the plot of speech, and the game will offer a new way to the end - as in New Vegas. It's nice to discover that Bethesda does not ignore the fact that it has made to Obsidian.

Sad more. After passing through the main plot she tells the hero that has found its place in the new world, whatever it ends up jaded «War never changes» ... and everything. In previous Fallout in this place was a detailed analysis of the fate of cities and the characters you meet - and it is believed that this is one of the main pieces of the series. But it seems that, to establish itself in the primacy of the open world, Bethesda has decided that life in the wasteland may be ending, and decided not to do it at all. It is logical, but it's still a insulting.

Dog and all the other

Karma conditionally replace relationships with partners. Their reaction to your action alert message at the top of the screen ( "Harvey Preston from this happy"), as in Telltale Games. Tastes teammates remarkably specific: for example, a journalist from Diamond Piper is pleased when you at its engrafted justice, ethics and ... pick locks.

Companions - those characters to which you almost certainly will come back more often, because it is with them, you first of all there is some connection. But, alas, they have paid much less attention than they deserve. Satellites run after you, comment on what they see, but in your case does not interfere. A couple of times per game, each will try to strike up a conversation, and pour out his heart, and when you really make friends, will moderate a useful skill.

This case is typically limited. Novels that had previously discussed a lot, tied on level ground after a couple of attempts to flirt and, in fact, do not lead to anything other than the award of sugar replicas at a meeting and a temporary increase to the experience of a night spent in bed.

I'd love to companions talked more often, but there is nothing surprising - in Fallout was almost always fun to play alone, and companions except working beasts of burden and distract the fire itself. There is progress in the right direction, but it has changed in practice, not so much.

But in Fallout 4 has a very nice dogma - he Dogmeat in the Russian version. Always faithful, never frustrating, and becomes a real terminator, if you learn one of the perks.

This is my rifle

Game Director Todd Howard said that the shooting and weapons, this time assisted by id Software and a former Bungie employees. That's true. Fallout 4 fetish weapons pohlesche than Borderlands. It teaches him to love: if memorize craft perks, you can spend dozens of hours with one gun, gradually naverchivaya new modules to it. In my case it was an ordinary blaster, which has evolved from manual Pugach in heavy sniper carbine.

Besides production of things is rare and collectible guns, and even if they were not so powerful, they are still worthwhile to appreciate - for the character. Of course, familiar from the third part of the railway rifle shooting crutches, with a pair of hits splits helmet knight of the Brotherhood of Steel in two, but it produces clouds of steam and rumbles like a chimney - and that it is much more interesting. There are power Knuckles reinforced concrete pieces, attach a small pile hammer. Or naval gun ... this ship, her mother, a gun that shoots cannonballs, you know?

I was curious power armor. Previously armor Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel had, in fact, high-level clothing for the later stages of the game, but this time you get them almost at the very beginning. But they constantly require maintenance - repairs and batteries price hinders walk in armor all the time, until you make a fortune. Towards the end I have attached to the paladin armor jetpack, painted them in pink and finally stopped them from getting out.

Nevertheless, the consistency of Fallout 4 was a shooter is still in question. Yes, marksmanship encouraged. Yes, shoot much nicer than before. Yes, now the feral ghouls emerge from crevices in the walls and funny dance, if shoot their hands. Reasonable opponents continue from time to time fall into a stupor, should happen something unexpected, but enjoy the cover, bypass the flanks and fill up with grenades like today - the last day of their life (then they hit the mark). With regard to the mechanics of the fighting became much better.

But! Design clashes are still at the level of "this room, so enemies do, please do something", which is why many of the battle turned into a real chaos. Saves back V.A.T.S. mode in which the action for a few seconds gives turn-based tactics: time slows down, you easily select the target and spend on shooting action points. It helps to control what is happening, and even if you try to play Fallout 4 in a pure action film, sometimes including V.A.T.S., the game seems much more focused and generally correct. There is no need to ignore the opportunity to bring down a grenade in flight.

Two hours, a time to kill

Role system squeezed by combining parameters S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength, perception, endurance, charisma, etc.), skills (stealth, picking locks, gun ownership, and so on) and perks (for the classic "Talent" series, affecting your playing style) on one canvas. You raise them on a par with each other, spending the same development points, but the higher you value the corresponding parameter, the stronger the perks that you can learn.

In fact, the idea of beautiful. Each parameter is designed so that the associated perks help to find its own approach to battles. With ten units of power, for example, can be converted to power armor in armored train rolled into the land of the enemy. Heroes with high intelligence are focused on the power of energy weapons and saving resources in support of armor, and among the perks for charming is the ability to persuade opponents to his side, just pointing a gun at them. It does not work at all and not always, but this is definitely worth experimenting if i do not want to mess with his hands, and at the same time do without secrecy.

On the other hand, suffered all that does not concern the fighting abilities. For example, I have never seen that skills related to handicrafts and medicine, manifest themselves in peaceful situations - to repair something on a quest, to go sufficiently tested for intelligence, and that the need arises infrequently. Missing specific, but always exciting talents like "Childish" (add more options when dealing with children), and high charisma in dialogues usually simply selects the most favorable responses and thus helps to reduce the road occasionally, but more often simply increases the reward.

It would be desirable to solve problems of the world, the game is still pushing for military campaigns with or without. Bethesda loves dungeon - or some evil dwarf whispers developers that dungeon they do best, so we need to do more dungeons. Many even potentially sverhinteresnye stories here manage to be reduced to an ordinary combat the race through the maze. Here's how you imagine an adventure with a robbery urban warehouse? Collection of information, training equipment, lightning attack, at the expense of a second! But no, let's instead descend into the catacombs and with the ghouls Poder bolotnikov. It will be better this way.

On another occasion, I accidentally found on the edge of the bunker a world in which even before the war hid the mayor of Boston. Get past the succession of turrets (helped trick), robbed all the safes, I listened to the last words of the mayor. Funny little incident - I was glad that at least this time there were no combat. But on the way back from the bunker on me suddenly attacked synths Institute.

Well, when you say, "But I'll go and strip from raiders Automobile" - no doubt that it will have to go and clean up the car factory, spending a lot of time in search of the only true path to the mob boss. To be perfectly honest, Fallout 3 on this, too, stumbled, but just keep in mind. The peace path is rarely a priority.

Mad, Mad Heath

At the same time a lot of good moments. For example, the first big story in the Museum of Freedom clash among the exhibits, depicting iconic scenes in American history. At Bethesda has, as usual, turned out an impressive simulator archeology and history wherever you go. In the deserted Salem dug a lonely old man with a rifle. Near Milton Hospital some crazy survivalist made a maze of traps. One of the residents of Diamond talks about the ancient game of "baseball", during which people were sacrificed each other to death with wooden bats. Obsessed American Revolutionary War robots pledged to defend the Constitution, settled on board the frigate "Konstityushn" and protect it.

Piper is doing journalism and stick to the citizens with questions ( "Are not you afraid that the Institute of kidnapped people and replaces them with synths? - You know, now I am afraid"), the Raiders in the gallery of a very avant-garde masters discuss art, super mutants are typical, but each time different heresy, according to the cliché "we dumb as rocks, but I still know better."

In Fallout 4, a lot of things, although its details are rarely linked to each other - they just have to Todd Howard could say, "Hi, I'm Todd Howard. We did just incredibly huge game. " It is full of things that are easy to ignore. You can, for example, to build settlements, if you play in The Sims or sculpting a modification in the Creation Kit. They related the story of one of the factions, and if you study a particular skill in charm column, you can earn a lot of money to traffickers, not hitting a finger. But none of these forces and use half of what can be turned in the constructor. Planning the electrical network, linking the buttons and switches in the logic, build the obstacle course of traps. What is this all for? And there is no need. Just to be. To help you build your city, then another, to provide them with resources to establish trade links and be proud of yourself. Or not proud. It's a game from Bethesda, do whatever you want.

Welcome to where?

Here is a fact: despite the first impression Fallout 4 is played as a whole just like the third part. The engine of Skyrim (he of the same engine of Morrowind, but with a million add-ons) pretends to be from a distance - the same mannerisms, the same bugs, the same loads between the interior and exterior. I must say, long enough, if you play on the console.

At the same time issues in the spirit of "what Bethesda has spent five years" gradually disappear. We can see what. For more detailed modification of equipment and construction. For the legions of quests and random finds. On ruined Boston - beautiful and very similar to the real thing. In the end, on the brilliant image of the collapsed American dream from the forties, with nuclear "Chrysler", radtarakanami and singing Billie Holiday Diamond on the airwaves. There a lot of things. It is not always clear why it is necessary, but it is, and perhaps inspire.

Against licked outdoor staging of "The Witcher 3" or glamorous epic Dragon Age: Inquisition that Fallout looks old-fashioned and frankly awkward places - a world in which you just give a kick and say, "Now, you live here." You spend hours walking in a circle, eyes wide, and even try to say something, but then just start to live. And you live.

Still, Bethesda can build worlds for life, probably better than anyone else. These worlds can be frustrating, can disturb, but continue to work in spite of everything to impress.

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