Pokemon GO - Game of the 2016 Year

pokemon Go

Pokemon GO - game based on augmented reality, which suddenly became a worldwide bestseller.

Who are the Pokemon

Pokémon known primarily for the cartoon series that many saw in childhood. But in fact, it all started with two games for the Game Boy, which Nintendo released in 1996 in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, they quickly became a cult, beginning one of the most popular media franchise in history. Over the next few years out of the game in the United States, Australia and Europe, where they were also waiting for a very notable success.

The universe of games is much like our own, the main exception - the presence of the Pokemon themselves. The word "Pokemon» (Pokemon) is derived from the combination of the words Pocket Monster, ie "pocket monsters". These funny creatures quite reasonable, some are even able to talk. There are lots of different Pokémon, all in all cartoons, comic books and games they recruited about 800 types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, special types of attacks and other unique characteristics.

pokemon Go

Players and the main characters of comics and cartoons usually act as coaches. They are looking for, tame and train wild Pokémon and then compete with each other, arranging fights between them in special arenas. To catch Pokemon using pokebol - a device in the form of a ball that can accommodate any size Pokemon.

First start

After login with a Google Account window opens character creation. Here you can choose the name and sex, and at the same time to set up the appearance. However, nowhere to roam too much - the vast majority of variants differ from each other only one color.

The game has a small Easter eggs, refers to the first episode of the cartoon series. When during training serves to catch one of the three Pokémon should wait a few minutes, or just get away from that place to 100-200 meters. It is said that after that on the screen and which will Pikachu can catch without any difficulty.

The game world

The game world Pokemon GO - a reflection of our world with us and move on it to be the most that neither is a real way. That is by foot. The map that you see on the screen is a slightly simplified version of Google Maps, and even the game objects are not located anywhere, but in the field of real-life buildings and attractions.

pokemon Go

Figurine of a game character, which you see on the screen of the phone is not compliant navigator arrows. To persuade him to move to the next street, or run through the area in search of the rare Pokemon will not work, it will always be in the same place where you are. So, if you want to go to any virtual object, you have to go out and stomp him with their feet.

Blue cubes on the map - it pokestopy. So in the game called the store, where you can get useful game items like pokebolov, healing potions, eggs and other Pokémon. Tapnuv on the blue icon with your finger, you can see the photo of the place that corresponds to him in the real world. When it comes to the city center, it will probably be some sort of local landmark. In other cases - just an interesting object or a convenient location, and very popular for some reason enjoyed graffiti and children's playgrounds.

Sometimes object photos added its brief description, but at the moment it is the exception rather than the rule. A pity, because to explore unfamiliar area would be even more interesting.

Once you reach the pokestopu close enough blue cube will open, turning into a kind of target. Tapnite on it to go to the information about the object, and then spin the icon on its axis with a horizontal swipe. If you did everything right, the screen will be honestly earned items that will need to touch your finger before they disappear from the screen. In the early levels of some pokeboly fall, but then added to them, and other items.

Run around the city in pursuit of the necessary things nobody forces - five minutes later the same pokestop can be reactivated. Apparently, this is such a kind of compensation for players with children - as long as my child is playing on the playground, the parents will have time to take advantage pokestopom five to ten times.

pokestop Map forces to look in a new way, even the long-familiar area. It may well be that a part of the objects you never knew existed, and at half the streets and paths did not go for many years. And that in itself is funny.

Finding and catching Pokémon

Meet the Pokémon can be almost anywhere. Sometimes they come across not only on the streets, but even in his own apartment or office. Another thing is that basically it is the most banal and primitive animals - rats, pigeons and bats. But the more rare items will have to look for such Pokémon anywhere do not live. Each type has their favorite place of residence (one pulls to the water, the other to the trees, and so on), respawn points and sometimes even your favorite time of day. Although at times to stumble on some rare species, simply slightly change the usual route from home to the office, to go a couple of stops on foot or visit the park is located on the road.

List of all located beside the Pokémon shown in the lower right corner of the screen. Next to each animal is an indicator in the form of traces, which shows how far the Pokemon is on you. One track - very close, two tracks - on the mid-range, three - away. As soon as you get close to the Pokémon to a distance of several meters, his figure appear on the map. To try to catch it, you need to tap on the finger it. Then it all depends on your skill, patience and level wild Pokémon.

Thanks to augmented reality (Augmented Reality, or AR) Image Pokemon "dorisovyvat" right over the real picture, which is transmitted through a smartphone camera. It is necessary to point the camera so that "pocket monster" appeared on the screen, and then use swipe to throw him the ball pokebola. Chance to hit depends not only on the accuracy swipe, but also on the size of the circle around the Pokemon figures, the lower, the higher the chances of success. The complexity of the task can be estimated by the color circle, green - easy Orange - harder, and so on. Particularly frisky Pokémon can get out pokebola and run - in this case will have to hunt for them again.

Before you throw the ball pokebola can be spun, in the case of a successful capture Pokémon it will give an additional boost to the experience. Trajectory torsion throw different from the usual, aim in this case is a little bit to the side. The more accurate the hit, the more bonus experience will.

Some Pokémon are able to evade or knock down pokebol. In most cases, the behavior of the algorithm is quite simple creatures and watch them for half a minute you will understand.

Eggs and incubators

Another way to get Pokemon - is to find an egg and place it in the incubator. One incubator you have from the very beginning, more can be purchased in the store.

I do not know why, but it works only incubator while moving your character. So, as it should have to walk to the birth of the new Pokémon. Depending on the type of egg required distance is 2, 5 or 10 kilometers. Going best foot - with "hatching" egg in the game running at a maximum speed limit of movement, the way you will drive a car simply can not count.

pokemon Go

But the most unpleasant thing is the other - is to roll the game or turn off the screen, the counting stops kilometers. What is extremely inconvenient.

The evolution and enhancement

Many Pokémon can evolve into a more perfect form. Pleasure is not free and every evolution will have to pay a mountain of sweets. And do not anyhow public, namely, the type to which it belongs pokemon. But to earn the required type of candy is difficult, you just need to catch a bunch of Pokemon of the same species.

In addition, the Pokémon can be enhanced by spending a certain amount of stardust. Unlike candy, dust - universal resource that is suitable for all Pokemon. But the less valuable it is not doing.

Experienced players are advised not to rush to improvements Pokemon until at least the tenth level. Painfully disappointing squander half a state for pumping feeble pet, but after a few levels to catch much more tough Pokémon. As for evolution, that every form of pokemon is considered a separate species, and it is also found in the wild.

Unnecessary Pokémon can be sent to Professor. This will not only free up space in the store, but will also earn a couple of extra candy. Arena

Also pokestop on the area map you can find the bullring. Externally, they resemble towers, on top of that which is visible figure Pokémon guards and badges teams. For more information enough to touch LETA Arena. So you can see where it is, who it took, how many and what Pokemon is in the protection and so on.

To participate in the battles of the arena allow starting from the fifth level, but before that will have to choose a team of: yellow, blue or red. Change this option in the future it will no longer be. It is assumed that each team must have its pronounced features, but at the moment only cosmetic differences and little to influence. So when you choose should start from the person for whom your friends are playing and what is the situation in your town or region.

Each scene can be a few guards. If the arena is already under the control of the player of your team, then you can add it to the protection of their Pokémon. If the arena is under the control of the enemy, then it will have to defeat the capture of all the creatures living there. For training in the arena of his player gains experience, for the protection of the arena - coins and stardust. On the day you can get a return on ten Pokémon.

Battles are simple enough. Tap on an enemy Pokémon - Attack, swipe across the screen - dodge. Once filled with the blue scale can be applied spetspriem. The key to success here is not so much the speed clicks, how many characteristics of Pokemon. objects

Pokeboly - are not the only items in the game. In addition to them in Pokemon GO plenty of other important and useful things. Here are some of them:

Health Potions and stones resurrection. The fighting - a dangerous thing, and Pokemon health itself is not restored. So without potions in the middle stage of the game in any case can not do.

Incense - a lure whose smell attracts your location from one to three Pokémon every 5 minutes. They say that it can lure even those beings that are generally not found in the current location. After 30 minutes action terminates bait.

Lure - a module that is installed in pokestopy. It acts like Incense, but works directly for all bystanders players. It should be a bit more expensive.

Additional incubators for growing several eggs at a time, but have a limited number of performances.

Berries Razz Berries help mitigate temper very strong Pokemon, facilitate their capture. Technical problems

Technical problems in the current version of the game enough (just in case, let me remind you that we are talking about it early and unofficial version). Worst of all is the case with stability of work and game servers. Sometimes the game can not go for a couple of hours, sometimes it loses the connection to the game servers and literally hangs in the plain. This occurs most often when pokebola cast that is doubly insulting. There is only one decision - to wait a couple of minutes, then reload the game and hope that caught Pokémon still counted. pokemon Go

The second point - energy. Joke that phones have become re-wired, with Pokemon GO gets a second wind. Appendix always requires access to the Internet, working GPS, turn on the screen, and periodically still camera with three-dimensional AR-objects and other things. As a result, battery life departs just in front of and without an external battery of a long hunt for Pokemon, walking between pokestopami and "hatching" egg can safely forget.

Last point - the area of the game. In Moscow, everything is very good: a lot of pokestop in interesting places, plenty of different Pokémon, clearly thought out place locations and arenas respawns ... but in some cities, the situation is worse and at times to the nearest object of the game to go forty minutes. And there is only one rat from Pokemon. Playing and Reality

Nintendo succeeded in something that does not happen at Google with their Google Glass - augmented reality to make clear, interesting and necessary to consumers. The game is officially released only in a few countries, but we can already say that the augmented reality came into our lives in earnest and for long. Banks and insurance companies are coming up with special types of insurance for the players, governments are trying to decide where to play with AR can play, and where not, giants like Microsoft aloud dream Add Pokemon GO support of their "smart" lenses and glasses, the robbers scheduled place for robberies starting from the virtual card, and not the real world ... and it's all - just the tip of the iceberg, the first reaction to a single game.

Pokemon GO can not be called a breakthrough from a technical point of view - not unusual for her not playing with AR have long existed. But this game is a bombshell. What is the secret of success? First of all in a straightforward concept. Alloy gaming and everyday reality turned out to be very successful for many people Pokemon GO became an occasion to change the usual route from work to home, once again walk in the district, not too lazy to turn aside and find a new poketstop. This - the study not only the game, but the real world, which also is full of surprises and surprises.

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