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holidaysEach of us has a favorite holidays. Someone holds them in a narrow circle of family, someone in the noisy company, someone involved in the theater show, and someone celebrates in splendid isolation. But everyone has their own thoughts, ideas, perceptions of the holiday. I propose to recall them, the more that soon the New Year. Look for yourself this or any other holiday, remember that you were thinking about the holidays, when we were kids (or do not remember, if you're still children). Believe in miracles, and share them with others.

Holidays - a smile! They are gifts! It's a good mood! This happy memories! Holiday decorates our lives, making it lighter and brighter. Holiday gives us the unforgettable moments of joy and fun. Life without a holiday - it's like the sky without the sun! Treat yourself, your friends and colleagues present a celebration and let them and you will be happy!

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