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What is HTML? HTML is the basis of most of the websites that you visit on the Internet. HTML itself is not a programming language as such, but merely serves as a framework for creating Web pages, add text, images, text boxes, etc . Actually HTML is not difficult to study, the main desire, special knowledge is not required, nor any higher mathematics. The main thing to develop memory and even if you forget something online always on hand and you'll find everything that you need van. Learn HTML, you can create web-sites, however, such sites will have limited functionality, for example to implement features such as sending messages or search the site requires knowledge of programming languages such as PHP. Learn HTML, you can go to study PHP. On the Internet there are vacancies coders with knowledge of HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), but knowledge of other languages is a plus. You can create websites with a simple text editor Notepad, but there are better editors that facilitate the process of creating code. There are free editors that you can download for free netbeans or notepad++, and there are certainly paid editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver, choose what you like any.

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