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Music plunges us into the depths or lifts to the top of emotions. Tears, sobbing, riotous joy, stern delight, emotion, a poetic sadness, sudden remorse - all this is just a small part of the magic of emotions and feelings that are somehow mysterious, the mind is not understandable by extorts from us - and all of a sudden, suddenly, sounds music.

Music can pick us up and pulled out of the depression, when all other means are powerless. Music - precise rhythm or ragtime - may involve us in an intuitive dance, can strengthen - repeatedly - our comprehension (especially in mathematics) can push an athlete to new unexpected record. But these are only small, lightweight examples of the impact of music on people. The power of it, one might even say - its wonderful omnipotence, covers a much broader and deeper. People by nature are deeply musical.

Music can affect a person's mood, depending on the emotional coloring.

When you listen to music neighbors hear only noise and low frequencies (which are buzzing), do not make too loud music in an apartment because the neighbors will not rejoice with you.

Music is constantly changing, a myriad of artists, a large set directions of music for every taste. (I also played on guitar over 10 years of my life, composed music, but no longer play ...)

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