In recent years, concern BMW Groupe has made remarkable progress in almost all key areas relating to sustainable development.

Among the most important achievements are the following:

Series production models BMW i marks a transition to a fundamentally new level of eco-friendly and efficient mobility. Within the framework of an integrated approach to sustainable development of BMW, 100% of the electricity used in the production BMW i3 and BMW i8 at the factory in Leipzig, produced from renewable sources. Thus, the company is seeking "integrated efficiency" of the entire production chain.

Average CO2 emissions for the model range has decreased in comparison with 1995 by 37% to 133 g / km.

Win produced from renewable energy sources in total consumption of electricity BMW Group increased to 48%.

In 2013, BMW launched for employees, dealers and suppliers of special online training, during which specialists teach them how to find and implement solutions that meet the Concept of sustainable development, which improves the efficiency of work in the long term.

In 2014, the company will continue to develop and install all of the divisions of the new standards established under the Sustainable Development Strategy. So, for example, in front of the logistics department tasked to maximize the use of the 2014 rail service for the delivery of cars in dealerships. This will improve the efficiency and sustainability of transport.

In this case, BMW does not seek to rest on our laurels and is constantly setting new goals. For example, in 2020 the company intends to reduce the consumption of resources in the production process by 45% compared to 2007. BMW is considering improving the efficiency of key to the future economic success, as measured in the strategy of sustainable development is not only numbers, but also the integration of processes in the public interest.

One of the clearest examples of characteristic BMW socially responsible approach to business - the program Junior Campus, in which the company attracted professionals teach children the basics of road safety. Today worldwide has been the center of four Junior Campus.

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