Cars - an essential part of modern life. From SUVs to minivans and sports cars before, the Honda consistently transform original ideas into unique vehicles, delivering incomparable pleasure of driving and turning ordinary travel with family and friends in a memorable event.

Although access to the Japanese car market only in 1963, the Honda quickly became the center of attention both in Japan and in the world.

Today, Honda produces a wide range of vehicles for a variety of needs and lifestyles, giving driving pleasure and ease of mobility to millions of grateful consumers worldwide.

Mini cars, sedans, station wagons, minivans, sports cars, and more - all our cars demonstrate leadership Honda its highest performance, comfort, excellent fuel economy, optimum safety and inimitable driving pleasure. Each segment in which Honda introduced to the market, its model will always be the choice of those consumers who are willing to demonstrate their view of life and to emphasize their individuality. In its work, Honda seeks rather go their own way, constantly expanding the boundaries of the possible, than to follow the prevailing trends. And this is true both for the design of cars, as well as for innovative technologies. Honda's unique innovation has earned respect around the world. That is why now we annually sell more than 3.5 million vehicles in more than 160 countries around the world.

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