Toyota has launched the first car with a hydrogen engine in the world

New Toyota model have big interest in Japan, the number of pre-orders for Mirai has already exceeded the sales plan in the country.

In Japan, began selling the first production car in the world with a hydrogen engine - Mirai sedan ( "Future") manufactured by Toyota Motor Corp, reports TASS. Until the end of 2015 the Japanese automaker had planned to release 700 trucks fuel cell in which electricity is generated by the engine due to the hydrogen from the tank connection with atmospheric oxygen. 400 of them have to do the domestic market, 200 - and 100 in the United States - the countries of Western Europe. Due to the great interest in the new model in Japan, the number of pre-orders for Mirai has already exceeded the sales plan in the country. In this regard, Toyota announced that by the end of next year will invest ¥ 20 billion (about $ 162 million) in the development of the production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, increasing the release of sedans Mirai three times (to 2.1 thousand. Per year).

Part of the investment will be aimed at expanding the export of these machines in Western Europe and the United States. They, according to Toyota, have become the main foreign market sales of cars on hydrogen. By the end of 2017 the carmaker intends to deliver to the United States more than 3 thousand. Mirai sedans. A significant increase in the production of hydrogen vehicles (up to 50 thousand. Per year) will be reached in 2020, when will be held in Tokyo Olympic Games. They are, in the opinion of local authorities, should be a big step towards the expansion of the use of hydrogen not only in the automotive industry, but also in the energy sector. And in 2030 one in ten already sold in Japan, the car will be fuel cell that, according to the forecast of consulting company Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., The Japanese economy will bring additional ¥ 4,4 trillion profit (about $ 36.9 billion). The main obstacle to the spread of cars with hydrogen engines is the lack of necessary infrastructure. Now in Japan are only 30 filling stations for vehicles fuel cell, and they are concentrated in large cities - Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka. However, next year the number of specialized gas station to grow by more than three times.

The cost of the new sedan Mirai in Japan is ¥ 7.23 million ($ 60.7 thousand.), And the government provides a subsidy of $ 17 thousand. To each buyer of such machines in the country. In addition, the owners of twenty-four hours is offered free roadside assistance, as well as an eight-year warranty on the motor and fuel cells. The only product Mirai engine is water, no harmful substances are not released into the atmosphere. Buck hydrogen fuel is enough for about 650 kilometers, and in its full charging is about three minutes. Another major Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. next year also plans to start selling the same car with the Mirai on the characteristics of hydrogen-powered. The company Nissan Motor Co. will present their model of the fuel cell in three years.

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