The new Mercedes-AMG E63 became the fastest in history

The new German company Mercedes-AMG E 63 called the fastest in the history of the production of a charged version of "eshki". Enough to know that Mercedes-AMG E-Class is able to gain the first hundred in three and a half seconds! To be precise, from 0 to 100 km / h Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 accelerates in 3.5 seconds and E63S - 3.4 seconds. In the first case, the impressive dynamics allows the V8 571-horsepower, in the second - the same unit, but forced to 612 forces. Remarkably, charged Mercedes in order to save can disable cylinders. Transmission - 9-speed AMG Speedshift MCT. 1 of 5 Regardless of the version of AMG E 63, the new "car for the whole family" system equipped with AMG Performance 4Matic + with the drift mode. It allows you to turn the all-wheel drive car with refined handling in rear-wheel drive drift car, which will be able to cope only an experienced driver and a fan to burn rubber. By the way, version 63 E 4Matic + mechanical locking rear differential, while the E 63 in 2018 with the prefix «S» - an electronically. 1 of 4 In addition to the drift mode, charged at Mercedes have improved RaceStart profile, allowing the machine to rip away without delay. From now on, the electronics help the driver make the most of it abruptly and / or effective. Suspension Mercedes-AMG E 63 - three-chamber air. The official presentation of the new E 63 charged scheduled for November. The vehicle present at the Motor Show in Los Angeles. Start selling E 63 AMG 2018 is scheduled for March 2017.

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