Comedy Movies

Comedy - one of the first genres of world cinema, leading its history since 1885. The first is considered to be a comedian Charlie Chaplin, who glorified the comedy as a special genre. Comedy is intended to amuse, to amuse people and distract them from their daily routine and worries.

On a plot of comedy can be gangster, tragic, romantic, adventure, parody, crime, music, and others. But whatever the comedy, there are always present the scene, showing the absurdity of situations, which are easily found in everyday life.

Remove a really good comedy movie is not as easy as militants or horror, with enough unpretentious plot and a large number of computer special effects. In comedies, much depends not so much on the script, which should be not only funny, but also witty, but on the high-end of the game actors.

The best comedy of the last century, such as "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", "Dumb and Dumber 1 2", "Some Like It Hot", "The Great Race", "Gold Rush" can be considered the classics of world cinema and is an example to follow. See comedy theaters - not just for the rest of the brain, but also a guarantee of good mood for the near future.

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