happy halloween

Halloween is celebrated on the night from October 31 to November 1. In 2015, Halloween falls on a Saturday.

Prepare for a mysterious celebration on the eve of All Saints begins in early October. People decorate their houses, pick up a variety of costumes and begin to cut out shapes of pumpkins.

Some countries celebrate Halloween week or a few days. It depends on where the festival takes place. If the action is set in Transylvania, Salem, Bangkok, Shalindre and other such places, for one day to visit the festival of witches, vibrant party and see all the horror movies just do not get.

An essential symbol of Halloween - the pumpkin head. From the inside of the pumpkin is removed, cut face and inserted into a candle. Pumpkin symbolizes both the end of the harvest, the evil spirit and fire, it daunting. Since ancient beliefs are concentrated in a single subject.

In fact, the origin of the traditional halloween with candle inside is quite debatable. Although it can be attributed to the Roman harvest festival, wandering lights, and pumpkin with a candle inside, one of the legends are wandering souls who are stuck between heaven and hell. Others believe that the Druids put a pumpkin to scare away those from the house of evil spirits.

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