How to use the new Snapchat update?

How to use the new Snapchat update?    snapchat updateSnapchat - mobile applications, especially among teenagers. Use for share videos and photos , which are shown a few seconds. The newest version of Snapchat received new features such as lens and ability to re-view images and videos (although this is a paid service). So, here's how to install the updated Snapchat for smartphones and tablets running on Android or iOS.

Availability of updates should be checked in the respective app store - App Store or Play Store. For devices running on Windows, the original Snapchat is not available, although there are similar in purpose and possibilities of applications from third-party developers.

If your device runs on iOS, go to the "Updates" section (Updates). If Snapchat is on the list, you can download the latest version (as of today - 7.0.1). Android users should be in the Play Store menu, select the "My Apps» (My Apps). Here you can see what applications have updates available. Find Snapchat in the list and click "Update» (Update).

The second way to find the update - to go to the app store and use the search to find it Snapchat. If the application is installed on your device, and the store has an update, you only need to click "Update" button.

Where new functions after Snapchat update?

After installing the update, some users are wondering: where is the promised new features, such as filters, repetitions, and other special text? Small caveat - they must be connected via the settings menu of your device, as by default they are turned off.

Less traffic through Snapchat "TRAVEL MODE"

Snapchat now uses less traffic thanks to the Travel ModeVideo Today - it is an integral part of the communication in Snapchat. The app has long ceased to be a means for the exchange of messages. However, if there is no good Wi-Fi, watch videos can be expensive, especially if you can not give up the automatic download.

Less traffic through Snapchat "TRAVEL MODE" Snapchat last update, released on August 10 of iOS and Android, will please users who do not always have access to quality Internet. Now video content will not be automatically downloaded to the smartphone, "eating" traffic, thanks to the "travel mode» (Travel Mode).

This new feature allows you to prevent automatic downloading of video content to a mobile device. It works for everything "My History" page content (My Stories), which includes a video of the "Opening» (Discover), messages from friends for 24 hours and the recommended content of "Living history» (Live Stories). Now, to download something from the above, the user will need to do it manually, if the mobile device is not connected to Wi-Fi.

To activate the "Travel Mode", you need to on the screen that appears immediately after you open the application, click on the icon of a ghost, and then select "Tools» (Gear) - «For service information» (Additional Services) - «Management» (Manage) - « travel mode »(travel mode).

New Emoji settings Snapchat

New emoji settings in Snapchat.pngLast updated messenger also change the settings for Emoji. Now you can add a photo.

Once the user makes a photo or a video, he can press the button to the left of the "T". After this fall a set of emoji that can be added.

Other updates charms Snapchat

Also updated messenger allows users to see how many people are viewing their profile, "My story» (My Stories), by clicking on the eye icon. Previously, this would have to first go to the section, and only after that a list of names.

Another cool feature that was added in the latest version - is the ability to export as a GIF-Snapcode video, not in the form of pictures, as before. That is, now people are finally had the opportunity to share these videos on social networks and other messengers.

The latest version of Snapchat for Android and iOS already available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

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