What is needed to study HTML?

Order to begin work on a site only a text editor.

You can use any text editor, but for learning HTML, I suggest you use a simple built-in Windows Notepad editor. To open the editor Notepad, press the [START] and go to All Programs> Accessories> Notepad, as shown in the figure below.

If you have installed on your computer is not Windows, and other operating system, it does not matter there is also a similar Editors: Pico (Linux) or TextEdit (Mac).

Once you will have skills in HTML coding can move into more editors such as Notepad + +, etc.

also to show your work requires any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other.

Create web-site you can even without an Internet connection. Since test the generated code you can in the browser without Internet connection. And after the end of work on the site you can download the complete website hosting. Hosting (hosting) - companies providing space on a server that allows the site to be available round the clock online. There are both paid and free hosting.

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