HTML-tags is the cornerstone of HTML. Tags - it is part of the code that tells the browser how it should display page. Each tag has its own purpose, there are tags that are used to format the text, there is a corresponding tag for displaying images on the page, tags forming links, etc. In future lessons we will consider them in detail.

How look tags? All tags begin familiar than "<" and end with a greater than sign ">", and between these characters are written name tag. Tags are most often paired. Tag pairs consist of a start tag, for example: <html> and closing: </html>. The difference between the opening and closing tags only that put in the closing slash "/" before the name of the tag, and not to be put in the opening. Between the opening and closing tags of the contents of a tag is placed.

There are also unmatched tags are simultaneously opened and closed. Unpaired tags look like this:
. In earlier versions of HTML tags in the unpaired slash is not compromised, but now the new standards put a slash for compatibility with XML (Extensible Markup Language).

HTML - is a set of tags. After examining the tags and their properties, you can create websites in HTML. The following classes will be discussed in more detail tags.

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